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*let The Year 2k+11 Blossom!
SNV (31st July 1941 / Karaikkudi - Tamilnadu- India)

*let The Year 2k+11 Blossom!

Poem By Subbaraman N V

Let the year 2k+11 blossom
Ever let it remain green handsome
The world to be at peace and harmony!

Thank God and solicit His kind blessings
High on the agenda a warless world
Ever in joy without any missing

Yearn for pleasant and peaceful world of gold!
Endless peace and progress society needs
All over the world let us sow the seeds
Rear the sprouts until they blossom bold!

Towards the society sans nasty “isms”
World to move without the scourge of schisms
Only the world‘s peace and pleasure at heart

Kindness and compassion – all have to start!

Prosperity to be ensured for all
Leave none to starve and suffer but stand tall
Universal brotherhood sure our goal
Spirit positive, raise their heart and soul!

Endless efforts we need to make for long
Let us all in unison sing a song
Eternal vigilance we have to keep
Very survival of the world rests deep
Entire world to play its role positive
None to fall into the traps negative!

Blessed are those who live, let live noble
Let the voice of the ignoble feeble
Oh, the Lord Almighty! Shower Thy grace
Save the world from global warming we face
Sweet be the coming Year to blossom nice
Over the world let peace and joy be twice
“Many happy returns of the day”-thrice!

(FIRST letter of each line when read together reads the Title of this poem.
Each line has exactly ten syllables, duly rhymed)

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i'm speechless, its was that good. i enjoy this one the most 10+++
Simply outstanding a piece. The acrostic is very innovative. Well done!
Unexceptionable sentiments. A paradise if realised. The acrostic on the poem's name is rather well done in respect of theme and intentions.
Lets us all have the insite to make your poem a reality