Let Them Be In Awe

Poem By Anthony Dalby

Strap my back my arms and bind me
block my ears and blind me
but you will not touch the space inside
with your fearful hands

This is the white room, the dancing room
saved only for one to join me

Keep us apart, brand my tongue
and Chiron rises who healing with tears from his own scars
pouring them on the wounds of others
but knows there is no cure for his state

A dancing space where the light traces the loss on my heart
and carves out such pure space

They all seem so far now, beyond the dance,
watching with wonder, concern, love
not understanding the reasons or sensing the rhymne
from whence the life derives

Which cancels out fear
and thought for what is now and to come
the song which sings because it can
and transforms to gold where it touches

Only one crosses the void, always was, and is, and will be

Let them be in awe

Comments about Let Them Be In Awe

Varahi Lusch smiles...
Yes, I'm in awe. This demands a barrowload of positive adjectives, but I couldn't praise it highly enough if I tried. A's for every element! Superb.

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