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...***let There Be A Beginning***...

i have ached for you,
since time began
to have any meaning;
since the world began
to make any sense;
i have hungered for your look;
that look, which will tell me
that ive been birthed,
and christened.
that i've been sunkissed,
and pocketed,
in some recess
of your heart or mind...
i have lusted for your sentience;
for your lips to mouth a question
that will defeat my obscurity,
and define my existence to me.
for, since time began
to have any meaning,
and since the world began
to make any sense to me,
i have loved you;
and awaited you;
and dreamed you into godliness....
till, i have lost my soul,
till, i have lost my reflection,
till, i have lost all sense of reason.

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Let there be a beginning of the end of my suffering! hahaha.. Thought provoking!
a sweet poem written with professional way..lovely and rich with meaningful idea..wonderful
dynamic...effusing true emotions
uff....what a write mohtarma..a very touching poem which been read through the eyes and touched the heart specially the last three lines...beautiful, marvellous what should i call this cause this poem is beyond all these words...i loved it, added it and locked it in my most fav lists...10+++++++++++ na A++++++++++ ' till i have lost my soul till i have lost my reflection till i have lost all definition. ' - bravo, bravo, bravo thanks rgds asif
yes...that is love in Totality...of the most sublime state...any fraction soul yearns for, through out its journey here....well composed...insightful write, Wardha...10
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