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Let There Be Light
LW (November 22 / Edmonton, AB)

Let There Be Light

Poem By Leah Wells

winter hangs an ashen veil
across the failing light
streams across the rolling hills
glazing earth with night

snow moon pale at sundown
ascends a mottled sky
opens gates of darkness
where all the shadows lie

something this night command
dark winds from the sea
that howl in hopeless desperation,
souls in agony

slipping into dreamless sleep
the race of humankind
oblivious to the evil that blows
on darkest winds to blind

snow to flame the blaze consumes
all creatures in its path
for shadows are the fires that burn
born of greed and wrath

but somewhere in the sacred wood
a mystic eye appears
shedding drops of mercy
in the shape of compassionate tears

rising from the ashes
dawn seals the portal to night
and stills the winds with imaginated words
let there be light...

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