Let There Be Peace

Poem By Raj Arumugam

let there be peace in each heart
a peace that is independent of place and circumstance;
a quiet that is not reliant on ideas or dogma
or religion or club or leaning on another;
a peace and calm and serenity
that comes not of name and achievement and identity
and sermons and institutions and holy places
and revelations and scriptures and teachings
and memory and grand scenic spots
and acceptance and recognition and esteem
and praise and goodness achieved, and credentials and history;
for all these things pass and are themselves leaning on crutches

let there be calm and peace radiant in each
that comes of itself, non-reliant, non-dependent:
and how may this be?

to see one’s conditioning is to be free
and this freedom is peace

Comments about Let There Be Peace

A heart-warming poem for peace in each heart..like John Lennon sang..give peace a chance..thanks for sharing! Y.M.
peace be with you..and to all mankind of the universe..and you're right peace is a true freedom..V...^_^..good concept and write..thumbs-up 10 Ency Bearis
for all mankind, to all nations and within our selves...peace! ! ! a wonderful write. a 10.

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