AC (16 Nov 1953 / Jammu)

Let There Be Peace

what have we done,
that we must suffer so?
do you not see the fear and terror,
on the faces,
of little children
trauma that will haunt them,
forever and even more,
do u not hear the cries of despair,
of people who watch their life's possessions,
going up in flames,
or buried beneath rubble.
do u not feel the pain, of the pain,
that you have caused,
people left without shelter or food,
do u not sense the hoplessness
the hateful feelings, the mood?
you who sit in plush chairs
and talk about annihilation,
have you forgotten about God?
His people and His creation?
what is this talk about Your God being better than mine
there will only be humans, since the beginning and end of time,
we all feel the same pain, eat, sleep, and procreate,
and here instead of universal love, you only fester more hate,
stop I beg you before its too late,
bring the fighting to an end, let the destruction abate,
realize we are all one
though of different colour race or creed,
stop the feelings of hatred,
surrender to the peace we need.

by Arti Chopra

Comments (2)

Hi, Your thoughts are real, Let us all feel every moment. Friendly, Mano Ranjan
Arti this is a great message..i wish our poems on such causes would chnage mindsets....good work! Preets