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Let There Voices Be Heard
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Let There Voices Be Heard

Always in my poetry I've usually had the gift of rhyme,
Keeping time with all the words and letting the images just fly.
Never taking into account that someone might not understand what I've just tried to express from my poets hand.

But, I think that's the beauty of poetry for things to sometimes not make sense.
And then have someone give you words that you can see but not always get.
You feel there depth, you feel there pull but when there all put together you question there goal.

I love all poetry it has meaning in itself.
If one chooses to write it, they've choosen something great and that has so much soul.

We all have our reason for letting the paper see our words.
Be us begger or king, poetry is in all our souls.

I say 'Let There Voices Be Heard' and we all shall unite in the kingdom above were poetry carries a great deal of might.

Thank you for your attention it will always be my delight,
To create something I love and share it with all that I like.

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