Let These Be Your Desires

Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself
But if your love and must needs have desires,
Let these be your desires:

by Khalil Gibran Click to read full poem

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he is one of my favorite poets and this poem would be very nice to read at a wedding ceremony...I love his poetry..very inspirational
All Gibran's poems are great. This poem is great.
.......oh very beautiful and the ending is extraordinaire....
Gibran is one of the most neglected 20th century American poets. Why? First, to clarify, he has never been neglected by the reading public, but almost absolutely by the critical establishment. He's an Arab-American. He writes in biblical rhythms rather than Tennysonian. His poems ran counter to the imagistic and modernistic tide of the 1920s, dealing in wisdom, extending (as in this poem) iwise sayings, often creatively expressed, but often too verging on cliches.
I tend to stay away from commenting on the work of a deceased poet so as to focus on the living that may enjoy receiving them; but this is a most tender piece. I have to say I truly enjoyed the heartwarming beseech to have one experience love in its true forms.
Golden words, from the great poet himself. I wrote this in reply: Virtue And The Beast To run, we could from threats besetting us But naught we do for demons from within Their obstacles laid on the paths we pass Dictate the rise and fall our lives contain Virtue does to a woman bind desire When dreams of wayward thrills it would suppress As though alarm when hearts are set afire It screams out loud should she unzips her dress Monsters and ghouls are far removed in woods If there be what the heart so truly dreads In man is beast lurking in murky moods Knows many arms and sleeps in many beds.