SP (18 June 1982 / Madurai (Now in City of Dreams - Bombay))

Let This Moment

Frank, for the first time in a long time, I woke up in the morning,
Not at the sound of a bullet fired, but when the bird was singing.
I can see all hatred gone and the peace returning with full stride,
It is not sorrow, but happiness which makes our heart so wide.
I am smiling and I tell God to make some way,
Let this moment, take my breath away.

The rains which are pouring, and the winds which are blowing air,
I don’t know whether it’s a dream, or it is real state of affair,
My daughter is on my lap laughing and I am feeding her the food,
I don’t know how, but everything is happening as it should.
I wish, Oh God, that I could live just one more day,
Let this moment, take my breadth away.

I know that I am going to die, and there’s nothing you could do,
You gave us life, but we don’t know we should blame who.
Maybe someday when we wake up, we’ll see the things are not the same,
There is peace which would come back on earth for heaven’s name.
Maybe that day, I would like my life to stay.
Let this moment, take my breadth away.

And then the moment took away his breadth, when he closed his eyes.

by Shiva Pillai

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