Let Us

Let us make man in our own image
My Kingdom is without spot or blemish
They molded and made man out of dirt and sand
But when temptation came he couldn't stand.
So the rock chipped a piece sent the stone to earth that
More like Him could be re-born and with grace withstand any old storm.
The corner stone was perfect in all His ways
He said, all His words we need obey!
He ascended back to heaven, from whence He came
Paving the way for us to walk the same
The rock and the stone are seated together
Waiting for us to be chipped and together.
Temptations and trials are hard to face
Let us work hard at them and get in pace
They won't break, but only will make us tame
Shaped and molded in the image we came.
Let us, remember be patient to become entire
We don't belong here or fit in satan's mire.
Let us be happy and in spirit set free
For soon and very soon to Heaven we'll flee

by Tressie Ours

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