Let Us Begin Our Lives Anew

Poem By florist stamp

I saw you for the first time on that cold and wintry evening,
Dressed in your pretty and elegant dress.
The cold and the shivers you held under your glamorous self
At the all schools graduation ball.
We exchanged glances and even short piercing stares
Which were more than innocent embraces.
With the passage of time we never chanced to meet
But the nostalgia of our first encounter stayed etched in my memory.
At many a times that I did reminisce this my yesteryear's encounter,
You remained as beautiful in my in my thoughts as you were at school
And your youthful fragrance is still wafts around me.
I did look for you everywhere
And I did not lose my hope either,
Until I found you where I least expected.
In an instant we recognized each other,
Though we did not know each other's names we surely knew that we had graduated in the same year.
As we gazed at each other
Our eyes recalled our first encounter of that wintry evening.
‘Wasn't there any other way out ', I thought
And perhaps she replied ‘but there was none else'.
We had given ourselves to each other hearts a long time ago
And now are walking out of the old age home to begin our lives anew.

Comments about Let Us Begin Our Lives Anew

Beautiful portrayal of love at first sight - an instinctive likening for each other, a mutual natural affinity. Lovely poem nicely brought forth from the heart with conviction. Thanks for sharing Florist.

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