Let Us Dream Again

I have all the more
To explore
Best way
To stay

You have expressed
But completely not faced
The reality and principles
I am still prepared for struggle

Yes, we remain together
And willingly offer
For life together
And whisper

I shall take your hand
And act as reliable friend
Your company shall be of so much importance
I shall seize the life time chance

Let us dream and realize
The morning walks with early breeze
It shall keep us in healthy state
We shall enjoy it full and relate

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Good courtney dawkins2 minutes ago The image of marriage comes to mind when I read this.
An imaginary Healthy state will lead us all to eterrnal destruction.Jesus would be quite pissed were he to be here today, in the flesh, not just in our hearts... 1 hour ago by hysterical weaver | Reply
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I have all the more To explore