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Let Us Join The Town
(2 December 1922 - / Washington, D. C.)

Let Us Join The Town

We're separated by the creek!
Frustrated by the pike!
We're cut off from the town in ways
No one of you would like!

A bridge will straddle Wolftrap Run
At Echols Street some day,
Instead of what we're using now:
that 'Pedestrian causeway'.

The Council says it wants a bridge,
So, please do not relent;
The more you wait, the more the chance
Of greater accident.

We've had a few already,
Though not serious they were,
The child who toppled in the creek
More likely was a 'her.'

A worse condition, though, exists
At Maple Avenue,
Where cars from here, and cars from there,
Are put in quite a stew.

Let's end the jam at Maple,
And not have to go around.
Solution is to build the bridge,
And let us join the town.

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