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Who's Perfect?

nothing is perfect in life..
nothing is perfect in what you do..
nothing is perfect in what you request..

humans sometimes just so demanding
think again, can we manage?
if can't, let's do the digging
to see whether it worth finding

if you ask me,
i would ask you to see out of the box
you might ask back me why???
unless you wanna have the talks

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So, let us have some pain of not being loved….powerful concept and execution.
I hear 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder, " and agree with it. Everybody needs a break. Great write. Love the image. tfs
Love is a bond between passion and damnation, pleasure and torture in equal measures. Humans are complex and our relationships more so, this poem understands that in full and its message is something all of us can shake in agreement. Congratulations for Poem of the day!
I CITE here the 5th and concluding stanza: O my heart, We are so sick of each other's love. So, let us have some pain of not being loved. Come, let us kiss deep and long And then part.............................a bit odd ending, but this is love based upon A NOT ONESS OF HEART, true love won´t leave, TRUE LOVE´LL NEVER LEAVE....Sad, tragic poem, CONGRATULATIONS as MPOTD.10
Pain teaches the value of joy just as separation teaches the importance of love in togetherness. Beautifully expressed thoughts. Congratulations! Loved the painting.
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