Let Us Prey

Poem By Tom Higgins

The Lord above, he came to me and whispered in my ear,
'some folks down there, live their lives in ignorance and fear,
so think how easy it would be to get them to pay,
to listen to you spoutin' off about me every day! '

So next mornin' at the crack o' dawn I began my holy task,
by makin' sure that that first of all I would always ask,
my little congregation to pray real hard, then I'd holler,
that their prayers would work much better if supported by their dollar.

Now gradually my following grew bigger day by day,
then I was asked on to TV to let more folks hear me pray,
and now my preaching was on air every waking hour,
meaning that as my following grew, therefore did my power.

I now own the votes of senators and congressmen as well,
and if they don't do as I say, then I'll make 'em go to hell,
'cos me and the Almighty have gotten us a pact,
that the gates of heaven will open, to those who pay to join my act.

Comments about Let Us Prey

I bow my head to you, dear friend. Mr.Tom Higgins is the modern Chaucer to write a gentle satire on the life of the priests pretending to pray for the ignorants. I too satirise the priests of the religion into which my name has been added, but I am not able to write a thought-provoking and gently ridiculing poem like yours. Well done Mr.Chaucer! yours deserves 100%

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