Let Us Remember.

Let us remember the fallen
The soil on which they lay
Far away from their homeland
Cut down upon the day

In defence of their country
For the freedom of all
The everyday hero's
That answered the call

Shopkeepers, Bellboys
And those from the farms
Neighbours and loved ones
Now comrades in arms

With courage and valour
Through hardship and strife
For the love of their country
They gave up their life

In the hope of a new world
A much better place
In times still to come
That our children be safe.

by Graham Jones

Comments (2)

Another wonderful poem, carrying a strong message. I've read lots of your poems, and in my opinion, you're a great poem. Please keep writing!
A lovely tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives for us. Do something with 'place' and 'safe', will you? With warmth, Gina.