Let Us Thank Our Gods..

Poem By Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

Buddha was a human and a Hindu,
And he worshiped the Hindu Gods,
Instead of worshiping Hindu Gods,
Why do people worship Buddha?

Jesus was a human and a Jew,
And he worshiped the Father,
Instead of following his religion,
Why do people worship Jesus?

These are the questions of logic,
We may provide the answers of magic,
If Religions were gate way to heaven,
Where our ancestors went in BCs?

I like the teaching of Jesus,
Who asks us to love our foes.
I like the teachings of Mohammad,
as he eliminated injustices.

We, the human, elevated ourselves,
From the hardship that Gods have created.
From naked human to today's technocrats,
We have evolved from ignorance.

Let us take the religion for guidance,
not to inflict hatred on another human.
Let us take the doctrines for consolations,
not to hurt another human with weapons.

Comments about Let Us Thank Our Gods..

Religious intolerance has caused a lot of pain in the world.Well done and thank you very much.
good justification for human do not politicized the religion issues to create wars or injustice in our society.
our religions often get in the way of our spirituality... the path is individual! great poem, great questions!
Amen to that
A really wonderful poem, like it. May i invite you to read my poem called, Running wolf.

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