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Let Us Try
TS Tarun Sharma (05 April 1985 / Tezpur)

Let Us Try

Mohan got selected in AIIMS
Rama is going to Thames
What about you?
Still alone in the unknown lane!

Charlie proposed Maggi
Jaya is now Mrs. Neggi
What happened to Maitri?
Still waiting for the right time to come!

Father hopped you to be a manager
You are no longer a teenager
What is your aim?
Again changed to what you said last year!

Rahul feels happy when he glides
Sheena loves the adventure in sand and tides
What do you like?
Still tasting every dish to meet your liking!

'I belive in love my friends
I will walk untill the dark ends
What do you think am I dead?
Still carry on the spirit I had!

let us try together to serve a cause
it's not about job, love and chase
What is important to a human?
to add a value to the society, I wanna' break the zero!

let us try my friends
to start healthy trends
What is meant by a mob?
Touching the individual zenith! Nay, but to lit the acme.

so that every one can culture in the light
no outdoing and an end of the racial fight!

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