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Let Us Unify
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Let Us Unify

Poem By Frank Bana

Let us unify in search and experience
Let us not be fragmented by the fragmentation of experience
In our modern century

Let us recall a union of solidarity
On which we base our seeking for truth
On the explosive, shifting ground
Of our modern century

Let us form alliances across the categories
Of class and race and gender
That an oppressive system of profit
Imposes and aims to make essential

Let our understanding encompass
The morbid symptoms that arise in our fellows
Resulting from the time the old order
Takes to die

Let our love be a force for radicalism
And our fertility a force for the birth
Of the new society freeing all possibilities
From the limits of the bottom line.

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Nice write; great sentiment; too bad the Church can't appreciate and grasp this concept. After all, it's truly sad that churches having spirit-filled people can't even solve its own problems.