HB ( / Olympia Washington)

Let You Fall

I spent my time
trying to find
A way to lose your shadow
But I found it was me you followed you
you shut you out
you let me down
How could you be so shallow?
You never thought of the consequences
until the water was over your head
so I will build these walls
not gonna let you in
I'm gonna let you fall

I'm seeing you clearly for the first time
the real you bleeding out
I’ve watched you make all your mistakes
And come to me
now you blame it all on me
Time and again I tell myself that you loved me
now I know you can’t
All wanted was for you to love me the way I loved you
now I can’t forgive and forget
so I’ll build these walls
I'm breaking free from you
I’m letting you fall

I know that I'm not perfect
but you can’t say I wasn’t there for you
You were never there for me
You let me down
Now I’m gonna let you fall.

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This is a poem sent from the heart, it's never a nice feeling when we feel let down by the people we trust in life, but at the same time, it helps us to learn and grow stronger. Very good poem, best wishes Jon