Let You Go

Came home a little early last night
Didn’t shed a tear when I turned out the light
didn’t put up a fight
I’ve tried with all my might to forget you
No I don't hurt like I used to
didn’t wait for the phone to ring, no, not no more

But with all these memories
I can still remember our last day together
now I feel lost without you
Don't know what to do without you
Each and everyday I think of you
but I have no tears to hold back

Because you've gone and left me
standing here all alone
There's nothing you can ever do
to make thing right between you and me
I loved you with all my heart, but deep inside I knew you just couldn’t love me
But baby I just kept holding on, I just couldn’t let you go
so now I face tomorrow on my own
I’m ready now to let you go
I hope your are listening
because baby it’s true
you’ll always be in my heart… forever
But as boy who first who broke it…

I wish that it could be
Just like before
But it can’t
I wish that we could have more time
But we didn’t
we wasted to much time
We can never go back
So I’m moving on…
even though
I miss your smile and I miss your kisses
Even though letting go of love is never easy
I’m setting myself free…
Because baby it wasn’t meant to be…

by Hannah Boggs

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