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Let Your Healing Never Cease
(February 26,1982 / Lawrence, KS)

Let Your Healing Never Cease

Poem By Danny Speicher

My hands are busy
My heart is cold
My life runs quickly
And my eyes turn old
If for just one moment
I could take some time alone
To explore this aching heart
And chip away at its stone
I give my love so frequently
I help them get away
I take their problems, personally
And lead them on their way
But, emotions are a luxury
My heart is going without
And takes from my being
Like a never-ending doubt
I dont' want to be sad
But, I want to be able to cry
I don't want to be apathetic
But, I want to be able to sigh
Lord, take this heart that's seen it all
And mend each broken piece
Lord, rest my war-weary spirit
And let your healing never cease
Lord, never let me become
One who cannot feel
And, Lord, always have me be
The first to pray and kneel
Give me this day, my daily bread
And give me the strength to go on
For a war-weary man with nothing to lose
Is like life's pawn
Give me an epiphany
Just a simple ray of light
To take me to the place
Where my eyes can meet your sight

((July 2nd,2000))

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