Let Your Heart Choose, Not Age

Why is it when people meet
The first thing asked is 'May i ask how old are you? '
Why does it matter if the eyes are the first to seek
Is asking for your age just something we have learned
To do

Maybe it could be important if someone is not of an adult
But for the rest of us, why the need to know
For it's just one more thing that has influenced our ways
Turning what should be a heart seeking aquaintance to
an interviewed public vote

So the next time you see someone you want to meet
Don't look to others to see what they would do
Go with your heart and trust it's reasons to seek
Anything else is just the decay of influence working
it's way through you!

by Katherine Perry

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A nice piece written with insight. I like articulation of the poem and the conviction of the poet. A lovely one indeed. Thanks for sharing.