GS (1947 / Kenilworth)

Let Your Heart Rejoice

Come away with me
into the night

Let's go to where
midnight meets the sunrise

Come climb life's magic
mountain with me

Sweetheart you define love
in so many ways

You are as lovely as a new rose
covered with morning's dew

Softer than goose down
sweeter than honey

Amazingly you allowed me
to steal away your heart

I adore the way your eyes draw me ever closer
begging to be kissed

I love the way your bottom lip quivers
when we are intimate and close

I am amazed how you make my gray hairs
seem blonde again

Shimmering like emeralds in the moonlight
you make escape very possible

I love your green eyes,
they are my favorite color

Let us dance into tomorrow
and disappear in Wednesday's light

Let your heart rejoice
come with me my love


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A refined poetic imagination, G. B. S. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.