AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Let Your Instincts Be Your Guide

We all know, some people, come into
our life, for a reason! There's no use, in
wondering why, they may be there for
a long time, or just be passing by!
Everyone that comes into our life, is
someone who in some way, is meant
to be. They can be good for us, or bad
for us, we just have to wait and see! It's
strange, that some people we meet, help
lift our spirits and become, our dearest
friend. Being there for us, at every turn,
for we know on them, we can depend!
Others, may come into your life for opposite
reasons and cause you, a great deal of
strife. You may not realize it, until it starts
to show. We have to be strong and use
our head and not our heart, then let them
go! It's best if we could surround ourselves,
with kindness and those who mean well.
Of course we're not a magician, so it's
pretty hard, to tell! What it boils down to,
is let your instincts, be your guide, then
nine times out of ten, you'll not be taken,
for a ride! !

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