Lets Anew Start

Taking your hand
Is just a dream
Unworkable wishes
Out of mind steam

The windowpane
Was covered with dust
Still I can’t believe
You left just

Now you are a far far star
My days are night
Black as tar

I Wish
You were here and saw
How the hollow
Tries to paw

Heavily my eyes rain
At all times
within my head
It rhymes, chimes

Like an ivy
Memories around my heart
Im just happy with you
Lets anew start


by Per. Nig.

Comments (4)

Wow! Loaded with love and bursting with beauty. Well done my friend.10/10
ur poem reminds me of sth, thanx so much that was another great poem from u, full of nice feelings and wonderful as always great job
u make everyone cries with u: ((so touchy poem!
The melancholy decorates one's hope... lovely sounds here, Nightingale.. 10... Tsira