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Lets Celebrate My Birthday
KB (14 Jun 1958 / Patiala, Punjab)

Lets Celebrate My Birthday

Poem By Kanwaljit Bhullar

Today is my birthday
Your presence to celebrate is not necessary
but is mandatory
as your presence will make me happy
by dancing on a pop-song album along with you all!

Let's don't care
where the drought is hitting the area
where the people are breathing their last
with dry throat due to waterless
Let us wet our throat with the imported wine
and celebrate my birthday
Moreover, birthdays are not a daily routine
people keep on dying on daily basis
sometimes in riots sometimes on international borders
sometimes in tsunamis and sometimes earthquakes are the reasons
How can one die with them
"Damn it" - let us celebrate my birthday! !

What should we do?
If cute children are being kidnapped on large scale
"Leave it why should we worry? "
their parents are enough to take care of them
Anyhow our children are safe
Why should we feel sad?

We are well aware of world matters
We know about the killings in Iraq ‘n Syria
We know that the globe is being coloured with innocents' blood
Bomb blasts' news is not new to us
Young, old, men, women and children all are the fatal victims of the blasts
"So what... What can we do? "
Let's pray for departed souls by standing silent for two minutes
"But the show must go on! "

Moreover, we are not concerned about all this
What can we do if the children are being pushed to an orphan life?
What if women are still barren after delivering babies?
What should we do if fathers are forced to carry dead bodies of their sons?
May he dreamt to be on the shoulders of his son's for the same! !
"Rubbish...we can't die with them
This is none of our business! ! "

If you still insist
We will donate some coins for the victims' family
However, our hands are clean
We are not involved in these
The knife in my hand is not for any murder
It is only to cut the ‘birthday cake'
But you people wished me only
"Happy Birthday"
and not "Live Long"
Why? ? ?

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Thank you Nick
Nice for a birthday