Lets Get Sweaty

Tonight we gonna be on fire.
While we dazzle each other with chocolate,
We can get in the mood.
We can enter emotional bliss,
And escape into ones world with
An everlasting kiss.
As the beads of sweat produce,
We can get together and our
Love potions to spruce.
Lay the most passionate kiss,
Upon these soft and luscious lips.
Enter into my soul,
An be swept away by Ms. Pleasure’s
Naughty bliss.
Let me come and sit by your side.
Let me make love to you.
Its one hell of a ride.
Pull yourself inside of me.
This is the only place you need to be.
Lets get hot, and sweaty.
Turn up the heat,
And turn off the lights.
Look me in my eyes,
And sex me all night.
Tell me how bad you want me.
Lets intertwine between my satin sheets.
Let your lips stroke their way up my thighs.
Enjoy my love spot.
And keep on making it hot.
Lift my legs to the sky.
Ohh baby we got all night.
Part them down the center.
And with great power you shall enter.
Look me into my bright brown eyes.
Tell me that this is gonna last all night.
Ooh baby lets get sweaty.
Let our bodies due coincide.
You know I’m wet and ready.
Ready to consume you.
Let my eyes penetrate you.
There is more than that I can do.
Sit here and cuddle with you.

by Ashley Roseanne Pleasure

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