Lets Go Home!

Lets go home!
New or old
For I am done
Chasing my soul

I will let my punches sway
Will let my trains exhale them talking heads
Exhale! , categorically

Stiffened lips
And the bells that want

Lets go home, for I must go back home
I think I will rest my calves
Sunstruck professions
Thirsty hands

For a renewed sense of rights
To find back a hind
I am sorry, come again, come again
What was what? , which one was it all?

Just might rid that deadly fuel
Just might hitch back off of it, the road with ditches and fire

Lets go home, for I must go back home
For now I am living by the last points
Before that famous last fatalistic touch to the ground

Lets go home!

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Comments (3)

For I am done Chasing my soul......... a sense of being away from home makes you call out lets go home. come lets go home. chasing my soul can be portrayed symbolically meaning a lot...... thank you very much dear poet. tony
Home is always nice whether old or new. Let us go home dramatically speaks about truth and reality of daily life. An amazing poem shared...10
A wonderful, well written poem, Yashovardhan