Lets Hail Our Heroes

Poem By Emmanuel Joseph Olumakiss

Let's hail our heroes
Both the strong and the inferiors
Let's hail our heroes
Seeing their afflictions in our mirrors
They suppose to be adored like gods
Because they bear our cross
They embraced all odds
Hoping to keep us long

Even fought in crowd
Simply to do us proud
Though divided we 've come
More wounded in tongue

Isn't better we 're led by their good spirit
Lets connive in single unit
It will speak for them & our own life
Celebrating trials with one mind
Drunk in drug when dig drain
As we look upon their own brain

Let's hail our heroes
In naira, pounds, and euro's
For playing the good roles
Let's give them our kudos
For seizing the day amid night
While pursue their dream with owners might
Time love and hate neither know tribe
And patriotism accuses country's bribe

When will morals control blood?
When will our nations apply wisdom to work?
Struggle of our youths is it to know wise!
If not tired before their sun rise

What if stream of our drink an ill fortune?
Can we wait till a freedom come through?

Let's hail our heroes
Both in songs, rhythms and chorus
True lovers of Africa and its neighborhood
Who work harder than fight over mere food

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