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Lets Have Peace
LMV ( / Bellflower, CA, USA)

Lets Have Peace

Poem By Laura M. Voss

We’ve found a little remedy
That might set this old world straight,
Be concerned about other’s sorrows
Try to get rid of confusion and hate. Don’t be one to pinch your pennies
When there’s chance to help a fellow out;
Above all tell him your experience with faith
If he gets to know Christ, he’ll have no doubt. If we’ll be kind to family and friends
The reward comes back beyond measures;
There may be money spent on effort put forth
But the joy derived is your pleasure. Suppose you could make a mind
By cheating on a business deal;
You’ll have to answer for that later on
No matter how good is made you feel.
Sometime its really tempting
To step on someone’s toes,
Or gossip about your very best friend
But remember Christ always knows. If we could do something every day
For those who need some care,
Then if those people could do the same
It would be the answer to our every prayer. Above all, lets love one another
And always learn to forgive;
No matter how you feel inside
I will make the world a better place to live If we are disturbed about what’s happening today
And wish the sound of guns would cease;
Remember confusion was not brought on by God.
He has always promised peace.

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