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*lets Make It Clear...
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*lets Make It Clear...

Poem By Dislocated Heart

Standing out,
outloud, and Clear.
I want you and the rest of the world to know..

I want you, just you.. no one else.

my dear, I wanna take you to the carnival..
win you a prize.. buy you cotton candy,
and go on all the rides.

We'd have fun in the mud,
cuz it rains everytime..

baby.. theres no one else I'd rather be with..
Its not a lie.

You're the only one thats got my heart..
you've got that key..
and that love of mines..

I want you to know..
that I'll stand and wait.. for as long as it take..
till that day I can hold near.. and close..

My love..
you are the only one I want..
The only one I love.

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Comments (3)

I really like this one. So honest.
its so sweet =]
Expressively written with such a strong words...really tough love, willing to wait for the love...10