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Our grandchildren have returned home, we had a wonderful time
I’m almost too tired from all the fun to complete this daily rhyme.

The house seems a little empty, but wait, how can that be?
When only yesterday it was a whirlwind of activity.

Although somewhat barren the house is definitely not bare
For echoes of the grandchildren are bouncing everywhere...

Finding their pickles on our tree, playing on the backyard swing
Games on the IPAD, sewing with Nana, six cans of silly string...

Up in the tree like little squirrels climbing as high as we think they should
Finding an old Gameboy that still works, helping Pop Pop chop firewood...

Hot dogs on the grill, throwing cheese on our baked beans,
Making s’mores around the campfire, hands that never stay clean...

A marshmallow roasting contest I tried to win at any cost
I even bribed the judges....I can’t believe I lost!

Ready for bed, sleeping bags on the floor, watching Elf on our big screen TV
Everyone sleeping in the glow of the Christmas tree, everyone...including me.

These are the echoes I hear today, the latest ones that have been cast
And I have to smile as I hear them blending with echoes of the past...

Watching movies with our own children, back then we had VCR tapes
Saturday morning making pancakes in varied sizes and shapes...

Telling really funny jokes that everyone thinks are lame...
The faces may be different but the laughter is the same...

As I walk around our empty house...as from one room to the next I roam
I realize its these echoes that make this house our home.

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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