Lets See

I have developed a need for non-commitment. Without the balance of belonging or betrayal. I don't need a desire, so everwhelming - yet, I don't remember receiving a single rose, or the thorn that pricked my aspect, or my whys? Just words of one day at a time.
'Lets_see'. What doesn't show-up! Not ever. In my moral eyes, I made affirmation of what it would take to get this, pearl. Again the casting of them among swine. Again?
If ever I cast. them again, to anyone. For nothing, I placed it in your hand and you asked, 'Who does this belong to'? Whose is it? Baby - is it mine? say it - Naw
Mine, if you had to ask it's still mine and for what - let's see!

by karen Schley

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Lets see.....mmmm So then we decide to let it be..... and be free I could feel this poem in the very core of me, Excellent my Sista! ! !
In the play-off baby~ This is a b e a u t i f u l poem...inhaling on the sense of the word. EXCELLENT poem!