'Only friendship that I can give you' she said
'And nothing much deeper than that care';
'You must not wake up in the wrong side of the bed'
Those words make me conclude on her letter.

In the next day thinking the whole night what to say,
I've waited to the corridor to explain to her;
Then she show up and thinking there's no room for fear,
'Can I talk to you for a while' but 'Sorry I have not eaten lunch'.

I look on my watch, it's exactly 12 noon,
Hoping another chance; 1,2,3 pm or soon;
And I approach her with hands I hold,
'But I'm sorry, busy right now please'she told.

I realize there's no way to express that my love is true,
When she said that 'I hope you understand the letter';
And I go home with my whole world is blue,
I said to myself 'You will feel it later'.

Weeks later, weeks of recovering, I think it will took years,
Or forever - Suddenly I saw her with her new Lover;
And I see in her eyes what I feel when I love her
And I can't forgive myself if someday I see in it are tears.

by Arvin Reyes

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love this. quite a clean write. the best is it is raw.