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Letter From A Broken Heart

Let me bleed for
Ever, until my heart has nothing left to hurt
That’s what he did before and
Then you and them, brought me back, bit by bit so
Eventually I was safe
Remember how vulnerable a person can be…

Forget how much you hurt me now, but at least
Realize that you are if you continue
Or remember when you said you’d never leave
Maybe my fears had foundation in reality, isn’t that right? -

And do you know how much you broke me?

Better to have left me in myself
Rendering me incapable to die
Of pain and I’m sure you
Know I’m right…
Especially when you consider what you thought can
Never happen. So you should know my

Heart is breaking… and instead of
Ending my pain, you just delayed it
And I forgive you if you say you’d
Remember me - remember
That a person can only fall so many times…

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'More Is True' Theodora Onken
Another strong, bitter-flavoured write. You need happiness, Christina. May you find it.
Well it is a good acrostic anyway!
Is that You S.O.? Otherwise known as C.S.? ? ?