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Letter From The Depth
REK (02/10/1985 / Beirut)

Letter From The Depth

Poem By Rita El Khoury

You don’t resemble any of the others
And surely you would never do
I can tell when something bothers,
Annoys, pleases or amuses you.
In your presence I see freedom
I see peace and joy everywhere,
In your presence I feel a wisdom
Deeper than I would ever bear.

I would never dare say you’re a friend
Neither would I say you’re a stranger,
You’re just dearer than I could ever pretend,
You’re the S.O.S light when in danger.
Bringing life into my life is your gift
Lighting up a smile on my face, too
There’ll always be, no matter how far we drift
In my depth, an unspoiled memory of you.

Can two soul mates come across
At the most unexpected of times?
Can two glances share, when they cross
A poetry with no verses nor rhymes?

I see, while catching a glimpse at your eyes
What I could’ve been, my second entity
And it’s just then that I clearly realize
What I truly am, my real identity.
So can I ever deny that in you
I can visibly see another me,
And that whatever I go through,
A shelter and a comfort you’ll be?

I’m too afraid I’m filled with trembles
Just at the thought of losing this,
We may not have much, but if it crumbles
Every single part of it, I will miss.
Yet, when all is shattered in the night
I know we’ll still be standing on our feet
Because we have a bond so tight
Nothing would be able to defeat.

But despite it all, I can’t deny my doubt,
Three months without you, that’s a lot
I can barely hold myself and not shout:
“I miss you” a lot, how can I not?

You are not like any of the rest
And among all the good that passed me by
You are most certainly the best
And I know, to you, so am I.

To you.

Sorry for mixing up my ideas,
I just wrote them as they came

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