Letter Has Come From Father

Flying far distance has come little letter,
We children are feeling surely sweeter.
Crossing far abode beyond sun and stars,
Letter has come to us with multiple scars.

Invisible paper it has words written in wind
Link is the love mark ink is more golden kind.
Father has given advice to us follow his law,
Children you come and read all remove flaw.

Values are sent through virtue pure cover,
Fragrance is of rose more coming oh lover.
Never have we seen such a beautiful letter,
Feeling our tiny minds father has sent better.

Father has written oh my dear sweet children,
Awake do not sleep watch far better the rain.
My face has appeared on it on the first page,
Rays have come out form sun with the glaze.

Get ever ready children be stand with pack,
I shall come to take you all one day sure back.
God says lovely words wins heart teaches truth
Come and be pure burning your sins dear youth.

Father is the great only beloved top creator,
He drives mind in meditation a super aviator.
Come on oh people from every corner of world
Adore all together in one family we are curled.

by Bhargabi Dei Mahakul

Comments (3)

a radiant and heartwarming write.
Wonderful poem of the Father's letter to mankind. Put so simply that all can understand it. A great message. Thank you.
A lovely message from Holy Jesus Christ to the children to be good and loving for all, and a sweet promise that wipes out tears from the eyes of the humanity.