Letter Of An Unborn Daughter To Her Father

My Dear Father
I pray to God almighty
For your all round safety
But how can I say
I am quite well
For, I have come to know
You want to get rid of me
Even before my birth
What a sorrow!

I know, you love my elder sister
Rain your blessings on her
Day and night take care
For her well being

When God Almighty
Selected you as my father
I felt glad beyond extremity
But alas!
I don’t know
What happened to your humanity?

My soul wandered
Through thousands of creature
Before I got the privilege
To have a birth as human being
I have waited for thousands of years
To come to this being

How can be you so cruel
To your lovely daughter
Don’t let me go again
To wander into various creatures
To face hellish fire

Please let me have a birth
Just only once
I promise to be as graceful
As my elder sister
And to brighten your name
Under your affectionate care

Only Your Daughter
If you wish

by V P Mahur

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