Letter Of Tears

have you ever just wanted to die? just give up and say forget it all.
just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry until someone comes, even
though you know that day will never come. you know what, im tired of
trying to be happy, every time that i feel like i am happy it gets taken
away. i may only be 17 but i feel like god has just put enough in my life
i dont want anymore. i know that these bad times will continue but just
let them stop, just for one day, i dont want anymore pain. why is it that
im able to show people the right way but i cannot show myself. i feel
like no matter what i do im stuck in this rut. im never going to get out
its not like anyone would give a damn if im gone anyway why do i see every person around me be happy and all im able to do is go with the flow whenever i know deep down there is nothing. there is no happyness no joy. and whenever i have found someone that has made me happy nobody believes me its like i was born to be sad constantly im just begging god to please give me a day where i dont think about the bad things in life but just to give me one day to where i can smile a true smile and know that it wont go away. please i dont know how much longer i can take this im begging for some relief

by Ethan Preston

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