Letter To A Daughter

Daughter of Okadigbo, i write in perfect peace
I can't calm down the flaming fire any more
Your suitors came with white teeth yesterday
But returned with black one in anger.
I think their heads became incorrect when they
Learned that you've ran away from home
Back to back of my mortal body i pleaded
Before they left in misery without the flowers
Why daughter of great Okadigbo?
Which of your precious legs have developed
The mind of his own to control your emotions?
Obi was here white and black in reconciliation
Chika your friend battled desperately with the
Train of thoughts that ran through her head
As i held her mercilessly in quest for you
Your father raged in anger of your deed
Of the doom you have committed to his business
His multi-billionaire contract lost in the air
My blood drained in the their streams when i beheld his face
I saw them forming out from my body in twos
Father said i caused it, jaja blamed me for
treating you like a queen Sheba of the north
Knitting my conscience together i ran abroad
For rescue but mama Goke betrayed me
I plunged out my eyeball watching in tears
as the clashing ball wretched in my presence
Father burnt down your pretty guilty dresses
You were of brave heart from a lioness
But act slowly, wisely to observe the character within
Return home daughter, mother await in tears
Roses have i place in place of you but
It expressionless
We would find no husband for you but you make your choice
Here i am at the door staring at your shadow until
You return

by john chizoba vincent

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