WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Letter To A Dream Named Anna

My dear sweet Anna,

You are like a dream come true, but I fear that you are just a dream. A dream I had one night so long ago. How I wish that you were real to me for I could devote the rest of my life with a woman like you. If I had the world I would lay it at your feet. A woman as beautiful as yourself can only be a dream. All my waking hours I dream of a lovely lady like you.

I would fly you away to my arms if I could. I have not the means to do such a thing so you remain a dream. A dream I wished I could have, but I have to face reality each day knowing you are so far away. I am haunted by your spell over me. You are a dream that I wish never to wake from. For if I were to pass away in my dream, I would die a happy man knowing an angel loved me once.

To hold and kiss you would be heaven divine. Your lips are perfect and sensuous. Your eyes are warm and welcoming. Your face men would die for. Your hair is so perfect and neat. You are so sultry and sexy only to be found in a dream. What else could any man ask for? I am but a mere mortal touched by an angel for you are like a wisp of the wind. You can be felt but never touched.

You are too lovely to be alone. Any man that would pass you up is a fool. How I have prayed and wish you were real. How I wish you were that dream that came true. How I wish that when I wake from my dream I saw your lovely face looking back at me for then I would know that I have truly died and went to heaven. I would know that all my prayers are now answered. O' what a lovely day that would be, but you are just a dream and I am awake now.


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