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Letter To A Fellow Pirate

Disgusting, Gay, a seniors pet
A sophomore slave when we first met
But now i realize youve made me whole
You tyrant among men you fiend of fiends you troll

I was digging my grave of low self esteem
You gave me your hand an indirect promise to redeem
I was a mere freshman named Jew
You the name maker, the heavy metalist, my savior
You the god, the buddha, saved me from an obscured view
You my friend were my highschool brochure

Yet i still have not paid my debt
My highschool ife was given to you
We made a mighty team of only two
If we had two more pods in this pea
We would make a beautiful qaurtet
Yeah just you and me

They tryed there best to pry us apart
We were two worker bees we lead such different lives
We sure stood out from these highschool hives
These girls were such a massacre to our hearts
I grew up last year but have yet to depart

You looked unto my eyes
The eyes of a perfect stranger
Weve got keys to each others diaries and our lies
We are the best of friends we live a life of danger

Thank you for being there
Thank you my friend Jordan
I have yet to begin my life as a man
I merely shed my skin of being a boy
This was never the end it is merely the beginning

Ive said it once or twice but ill say it again
Me hook points to the left Will you get me another?
Ahoy there matey Ahoy
Will you get me another? I love you like a brother
Signed Sincerely Kyle McCoy

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KYLE OMG I LOVE IT! I love you brother, you are too nice to me.