Letter To A Mother 2

A kettle can never call a pot black
Are they not from the same world of pain?
I swing my Ego in one last time of my life
And i was caught in the absence of hundred times
A snake won't fail to give birth to a long thing
When mother cow is cropping giant Grass in the field
Its calf watches her.
Don't weep for me i will be alright
For the black heart is never innocent in day time
Smile not behind the thick forest of hatred
Bouncing back to the beak of the nestling earth.
I heard it all when it all started before the rain
The trumpeting thunder that visited home in my absence
The culture diversity in the course of my freedom
I heard you sold my beloved sister into slavery
You and your intelligent husband betrayed us
Tell him that i am coming soon
Tell Ugoloma never to relent for his wonderful spirit
Tell Mbadiwe, your intelligent husband that i am coming
He was sold to the bar when i was born
His father danced naked in front of the bartender
Yet he covered himself in the act of immorality
Shame kills faster than disease in our hometown
You sold my sister and betrayed me when i fought you
My brothers you left naked under the bridge
Then your Intelligent husband, handed me over to law
Tell him i am coming to smile for you both
I could see my sister's tears whispering to my ears
You gave us sour breast milk to suck
And tied our legs like the fire wood not to see the future
Long as you breath, shall i torment you
Even if it shall be my last will, i write.
Future of my past, honour lost in sadness
in my Grand mother's days they were separated with fence
Our world is different, we come together with kola nut
My verses are too many to challenge my authority
I think your mother heard the faraway cry of her grand son
Because she visited and told me of hope and peace
But believe me you, i am coming back black and red
With a snow like cutlass and tell you to your face
That the journey is too short to rot in the rotten shinning jail of
Unwanted dreams and drive which were shattered away.
Since your intelligent husband had sold his soul to the bar
And mine to the prison yard, i am coming to send him to hell
If tomorrow never come, i denounce you as my parents
Long, long ago have i waited to feel mothers love
But the african Hospitality isn't seen at home.
You sent fear into our souls and challenge our feelings
Ndukwe told me my sister was sold to that arrogate
Bottom bellied man who leave down the street of misery
Mother why? mother why? are we not children enough?
Yo keep us at the back of the fence
reaching you becomes worst than Ebola than you smile
As if all is well, you failed womanhood
Tell Mbadiwe i am coming soon
Tell your spirit to weep now or never
For you deserve not the vein of motherhood
I am coming home, just tell the world
Let the rain wash not my pains
For they are the future of my past.

by john chizoba vincent

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