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Letter To God
JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Letter To God

Poem By john tiong chunghoo

dear god
how little i feel
about myself
despite your claim
that i am the top
of your creation
a little virus
would kill me off
i feel mysellf
a plaything
your plaything
a toy, a puppet
and the world your stage
with my role written
where i should play out my part
talk about freewill?
is there one?
one plus one equals two
an empty stomach
does not have free will
to choose?
a woman with
near dead child at her hands
knows free will is spoken
only by the gods
in their written scripts
to enliven their puppets
to act out
i know too after all
the theatrical parts
like a buffalo led by the noose
i will be torn out
of existence
as you plan your next play
like the sun
that comes after heavy rain
the land cleaned of its dirt,
where fresh breeze blows
i am but then
would be lost
in existence
torn to shreds
to get your next
theatre going
not a trace of mine
would be left
on this stage
where i had acted out my part
with flesh, blood and soul
free will
no freewill and all
god, you the puppeteers

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A beautifully flowing and well written poem John, but I have to disgree about it's view of free will. Yes there is tragedy all over our world, but not given by god, but by mans inequality, which in turn gives the consequences of lack of education, will and ultimately understanding of how to change our circumstances. Greed is at the root imo. A very thought provoking poem indeed. 10 from me. All the best Tai