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Letter To Him
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Letter To Him

Im so angry inside because of what you did to me.
I have tried and tried to let it go and move on, but I cant.
My mind wont let me forget the hell you put me through.
At the time I knew I deserved better, but I honestly thought you could be better.
All the lies you told about what we really had should make me hate you, but deep down your still there in my heart.
I have tried over and over again to forget you.
From what you have told people what we had never meant anything to you.
But I know different. I know what I saw when you looked at me.
I know what I felt when you kissed me.
I wasnt just imagining the look in your eyes and the smile on your face.
You cared for me, I knew that.
So, continue to tell your lies, but I know the truth.
You stuck around for too long for me to mean nothing to you.
Although this happened such a long time ago, my wounds still have yet to heal.
They are just as fresh as the day you gave them to me.
I wish I could hate you.
I wish I could erase you from my memory.
I wish I couldnt still feel the hurt, but I can.
Sometimes I wonder if you really knew how much I cared.
I wonder if you ever knew that I would have done anything for you.
But most of all I wonder if you knew how much I cried.
Congratulations, you gave me the biggest heartbreak of my life.
I dont think I can ever forgive you.
Im still so angry.
I always wonder if it was because I wasnt pretty enough, smart enough, or perfect enough.
Damn you for makind me feel NOT good enough. Damn you for breaking my heart.
One day I hope you will look back and realize you were the one not good enough for me.

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