Lonely Soul

Lost soul...Lonely heart
She wanted love more than what she had
She has a man that loves her
Yet she was still so lost within herself
Her heart so lonely leaving her feel
Nothing but hate for the only one who truely loved her
She tried so hard to love him but could not find a
way to get her heart to feel the way she wanted it
Her love grew tried of her not being the old her
She was once happy he made her happy now
thats gone her heart lost with pain
So lonely unable to love him back like she use to
She waited for him to leave for work so she could
End her life.

by Lovely Kayla Bear

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Comments (3)

Jacqui, a spiritually moving piece... a dance in and of itself. Beautifully done! Brian
Very lovely Jacqui. I lost my dad in 1994 and I know how painful it is to miss them. I'm sorry for your loss. You sound like a strong woman. Great job. Sincerely, Mary
Whilst evoking sadness, this piece is brilliantly joyful and full of hope. A seriously well-crafted tribute. It is as unique as it is personal - I almost feel like an intruder to read it. But glad I did. Dance on! Write on! t x