WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Letter To Kimani, My Son

I am writing you to let you know
My son how much I love you so
I miss you and I wish I were there
For you, I will always care

I would change time if I could
To mend my mistakes yes I would
I wish I could make things right
For your love, I will always fight

My boy, you are so smart
That's why you are dear to my heart
So far you are now from me
A great man you shall one day be

As much as I try and try
Your picture brings tears to my eyes
Time stands still while I look
My feelings I could fill a book

Your voice I sometimes hear on the phone
But the pain still won't leave me alone
A thousand words can't say what I feel
The pains I have just won't heal

I love you more than words can tell
I wish I had a wishing well
I would wish away all the sorrow
I'd wish you a brighter tomorrow

You deserve better than what I did for you
I did my best that's all I could do
God bless the day you came to me just as you are
You are my guiding light and my lucky star

The things you do are so clever
My love for you will change never
So far from his father my lovable boy
Your light brings me so much joy

No matter where no matter when
For my love, you can always depend
No matter the pain nor the strife
I will love you more than life

I love you more than I could ever show
I love you more than you will ever know
Without you, life is no longer fun
You are my life, my legacy, and my son

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