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Letter To Lily 3
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Letter To Lily 3

You will never be
on the outside to me,
although I am not
what you say.
Perhaps -really-
an entirely new dimension
will have to be
found for 'us',
do you not think
this possible?

Your words are so full of
your sweet spirit,
of your love and of your
capacity to love,
that it
hurts and feels good
at the same time,
it touches my
innermost something, and,
I want to take your sweet face
into my hands and just kiss you gently.

I know that talk like this isn't really
all that helpful to either of us but,
please think of what I am saying.
I am sometimes thinking in terms of
what you mentioned, adopting you
me in to the families, I just want you
to be with me, around me, near me.

I would probably settle for you as an
adopted sister. Do you think that
we can
go in the direction of becoming
'closest family friends'?
Do we
want this?

Will there be objections?
Insurmountable hurdles?
How ever you
want to look on our love,
why could it not 'conquer all'?
I would have NEVER
believed what has happened,
is happening but we can do it,
CAN WE NOT? ? ? ? ?

For the sake of love can one
forsake its reality?
I am not trying to be
I wish you weren't sleeping yet,
so far away, in your cold country,
I would have loved to 'talk' about this
with you NOW, but c'est la vie I know.

If I had one wish from the genie
I would say I wish that we can discuss
this, without avoiding it, postponing it
and see if our two heads (beauty
and the beast) can come up with
one answer (you noticed that
I am putting a
bit of humour into this,
after reading the paper you sent
about laughter) .

My pastor at confirmation
(at the risk of having told you this already)
assigned the wisdom of
the following words to my future:
All things are
possible for those who believe.
Slightly adapted I say that if we want
something we will get it.
Solving a problem is on
our agenda, our combined
efforts shall be enough.


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Comments (3)

Well, if the letters to Lily are not you talking you have shown what a great 'imagination' you have. These poems are so beautiful and full of emotion that it keeps the reader wondering what's going to happen......... Very nice Herbert. Sincerely, Mary
The Lily letters may NOT be me talking.... H
I can feel the emotion Herbert....Good write!