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Letter To Lily
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Letter To Lily

Magnetically Adorable Gladiola,
Deliciously Drooling,
Amiably Lingering,
Electrifyingly Non-naughty,
Lovely Lily:
Just a few
descriptive terms
that may apply,
mood permitting.

Going to talk about
your toes since you
have not provided
a photo of those
-no doubt adorable-
little creatures,
but may have to
postpone eliciting
the truth about
whether you do
own a Morton Foot.

Lest you think of me
as a foot fetishist (NOT)
or a drool fetishist
(strictly gene-specific
with unique DNA pattern selection) ...
I know so little about you,
and, being by nature
somewhat of an
insatiable 'PLUM'
(incidentally you have
not picked the plum yet) ,
thus the recommended
procedure is to provide
the info - obviously.

Don't know if you think
I took too much space
with my cora mia
(as drawn with obvious talent):
you could always look at it
as a cabin whose fire never goes out.

Must remind myself to trim down
my out messages as to not
overload your inbox or exceed
your available time to respond.
As you undoubtedly know,
each unanswered question
automatically undergoes the
metamorphosis to a pink,
good-size X after 24 hours of 'neglect'.

Not to worry. But I promise you
one thing....no, well...actually I am
way too much of a chicken to say that
'one day, if the Gods do like me even
the tiniest bit (also I do not rule out sacrifices and bribes) ,
I will be in the most enviable position
(the thought of which is sooooo electrifying even today) ,
in a position to unfold my tally sheet........
and probably stand there like an idiot'.

If I had actually talked about this vague
promise of a distant time I would also
have mentioned that an electronic device
will then have to be available.
AND implanted in the region of my
corpus callosum to ensure that
every one of them stays chaste.

So, as you can clearly see,
things are under control, as usual.
Just needed to add that I celebrate
the very day I met you.

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Comments (3)

Very lovely poem Herbert. Although, I have to say with some of your very lovely, romantic poems I almost feel as though I am 'peeping' into your private thoughts about your lady (like a nosy neighbor) . Thanks for letting us share such personal thoughts. Sincerely, Mary
Raynette, I was trying to capture the ambience of a soul truly 'thinking' to be in love over distance, not knowing the other in real life but living in a kindred spirit relationship for reasons totally baffling and unknown and illogical. Sadly, the winds of fate blew it all away. H
Ok, I give up...there is a mystery here and I am obtuse. Or is it ok not to understand the relationship? You are very wordy, my friend. Raynette